Italian Restaurant Gran Alacant Santa Pola



Watch the chefs cook in our open kitchen

Get ready to be dazzled by our chefs as they prepare your meals in our open kitchen. See the flames caramelise, smell the mingling of tomato sauce and basil, hear the sizzling of meat on the grill... Dining at La Piazza is an experience to take in with all the senses!

Italian Restaurant Gran Alacant Santa Pola



Pasta, risotto, or pizza; the choice is yours

Our menu has something to offer for everyone no matter how picky. If you have any specific dietary requirements let us know and we'll be happy to adjust dishes to your specifications. Be sure to check out our Bambini menu for the little ones.

Italian Restaurant Gran Alacant Santa Pola



Italian food in Gran Alacant, Santa Pola

Experience Italian cuisine at it's finest, right here in Gran Alacant, Spain. We'll take you on a culinary journey spanning the entire country of Italy, so grab a seat at La Piazza Ristorante Italiano, enjoy the ambience of Masa Square and let your tastebuds do the walking.



Italian Food in Gran Alacant, Santa Pola, Alicante 


The Menu at La Piazza Ristorante Italiano

We cater for all ages, diets, tastes and preferences. Tell us exactly what you want or don’t want in your dish and we can prepare it especially for you. 

All of our customers are equally important to us. That’s why we have a children’s menu with authentic Italian meals for our younger customers, along with kids’ drinks and an option to make their own pizzas, complete with chef’s hat.

Feel free to contact us in advance in you have any questions about our menu in relation to your dietary requirements. We are always happy to help.


Italian food in Gran Alacant, Santa Pola menu for La Piazza Ristorante Italiano

Italian food in Gran Alacant Santa Pola children's menu

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Taste great Italian food in Gran Alacant

Our food is all prepared to the highest standards in an authentic Italian style. Whether you are hungry for pizza, pasta, rice, steaks, fish or burgers, we have something for everyone.

Watch our chefs at work from where you sit, as they prepare your meal with fresh ingredients in our open kitchen.

Fresh Food Delivered Daily

Outside of Italy itself, we strive to provide the most authentic Italian dining experience possible. Our fresh food is delivered daily to our kitchens, and you can watch it being prepared and cooked to the highest standards by our chefs in our open kitchen. Feel free to watch us work!






Italian food in Gran Alacant Santa Pola



Visit us at Plaza Mayor, Masa Square in Gran Alacant to experience true Italian dining

A true taste of Italy in the heart of Gran Alacant, our restaurant is Italian throughout - from our choice of comfortable furniture, to our family-loving atmosphere, to the freshly prepared food on your plate.

Good food is often at the heart of good times and we aim to give you the best time possible.






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